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"Ha! Nerd!" Anthony yells, throwing food at me. I sigh. No one can respect the scientists anymore. Yes I am young, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming, especially since I've found the cure for cancer in a matter of 12 years, which is my entire life. I've always wanted to be a scientist ever since I was three years old.
   I was watching television, and who did I see? Only the greatest scientist ever, with a record-holding IQ of 168. His name...was Professor Membrane. I understood every fascinating word he said. He was the one who made me the girl I am today. I always made my parents and sister watch him with me. My sister doesn't really have that much of interest in science, but she did say he was an okay thing to watch. Now that she's 14 she can understand the majority of what he's saying now.
   Anyway, back to my day. "You know what Anthony? I'm tired of you and you disrespecting me! From this moment on, I-" I was interrupted by Anthony's girlfriend, Olivia throwing food at me. "Ugh..." She kept laughing. Luckily the bell rang for recess. Time for me to kick her ass like usual. I stand, remove the food off of me, roll up my sleeves, and follow the rest of my piers to the outdoor playground. I looked around and found my foe standing by her posse and boyfriend. I growl. I walk over to them as they continue to laugh. I grab Olivia by her red polyester shirt. "You ready to fight or what?"

Aaaaaand that's what I got so far. XD Anyone want me to continue? If so I'll keep ya posted~

Lannie out!

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March 8, 2013


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