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If you want me to post more of the story, that's fine, just comment. This is the introduction. You, Kix, will find out LATER why this is a tribute to you. Enjoy!


     My parents are dead and I live with my two cousins and sister, with my 18 year old cousin, Amer, working all the time. My five year old cousin, Taylor, is pretty much useless at the moment, as is my 14 year old sister, Gina. Although, her cheetah skill could come in handy. Confused? I'll back up.
     Hi, I'm Alberta Goldenhiemer Soto, a soon-to-be professional paranormal investigator, or astronomer. I'm 11 years old. I must say, I must be pretty smart if my older sister is still perplexed about the world and how our economy works. She WAS like every normal human, except she uses my stuff without knowing what anything does. So, one day, she was messing around in my lab and found one of my inventions. I didn't leave a description like I normally do, so, (stupid her,) pressed the "activate" button and she got blasted. Now she has this huge secret that she's half cheetah. When she gets hungry, (which is a lot,) or mad, her human ears disappear and cheetah ears take their place at the top of her head. That's not all, though. Her eyes become a lighter blue and become slitted. Not only that, but she has a tail, along with the strength and agility of a cheetah.
      My sister can be bothersome, but she isn't all that bad. At least she doesn't tell anyone about my secret lab and keeps Taylor busy. She's 14, so she doesn't have a job. She DID have a social life, but we moved from Wisconsin to Illinois. We JUST recently moved, so I am unsure of WHERE in Illinois we are. "I don't need a social life. I have art." She says this whenever I bring up the subject. Okay, let's get off the topic of my sister. Why am I telling you this? Oh, believe me, you'll find out soon enough.


Oh, wow...ya made it this far. Great job. Just because this is a tribute to Kix, doesn't mean I don't want other people's opinions. Please give Puffin some feed back. (XD) THANKS LANIE PHANS! ~:heart:
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November 16, 2012


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